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VGxOG Gaming Capsule and COD Tourney

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

KGKN (Kinda Good Kinda Not) capsule collection coincides with Call Of Duty tournament.

Photos By: VGxOG

We mentioned in a previous WAFFLESNCREAM article that it's just a matter of time until collaborations become between #gaming and #streetwear blow the doors off of what we already have seen. And although this isn't a straight up collaboration between Call Of Duty and Vanguard Originals, this is the type of experience we can expect to see in the near future – some kind of gaming experience coinciding with a limited release.

This gaming capsule collection is small, but we think it means a lot. Started by Brian Puspos and Patrick Lam of famous dance troupe SOREAL CRU on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew (they were robbed by the way!), Vanguard Originals has a pretty clean look overall. Nothing too out of the ordinary, nothing too over the top. Everything is playful, and it makes sense to pair that up with their own #COD tourney. If you look at the genesis of their dance group, a lot of their moves are slick, clean and playful. It feels like some of that translates into their designs. We can't do any of these moves, but hey, we dig the clothes!

The Future

We would be stupid to say that these types of collabs or experiences stop right here. In fact, Virgil Abloh just dropped a goddamn mobile game called "OFFKAT" where you go around and spray paint things as Virgil or his collaborator, KATSU.

These lines are going to continue to be blurred, and we are here for it. No one wants to just buy clothes, they want to buy #experiences. Those memories can last longer than clothes anyway.

Link To KGKN Gaming Capsule:

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