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Travis Scott x McDonald's

What's great and what's not between the hottest rapper on the planet and the most re-heated fast food chain in America?

Photo by: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Turns out a lot.

We have to admit, his music is good; mostly the pre-Kardashian stuff though, in our opinion (and admit it, you think so too). But he's one of the smartest dudes out there who's figured out how to tour during COVID-19, with his almost-trippy #Fortnite concert a few months back.

And now he's got this extremely hot, albeit weird, partnership with #McDonalds. Let's face it, McDonald's is not cool. They haven't been since the Jordan vs Bird commercials. So why in the blue hell did he do this for?

For one thing, if you haven't packed on your COVID-19 pounds yet but want to indulge, do yourself a favor and do not head to a McDonald's because you will be sorely disappointed. The Travis Scott meal is literally just a quarter-pounder with cheese meal, bacon, and a Sprite. It's so ludicrous, that the only Travis Scott merch you get out of it, is a receipt that says "Travis Scott Meal," which I've seen go on sale for a ridiculous $70 for some reason on secondary sites – I mean, what the in the actual fuck? For some real swag, you have to mosey on over to Travis' #CactusJack site to get a Travis Scott x McDonald's t-shirt for a whopping $65.

I'm going out on a limb and going to say that the design of this stuff is like what I would see from the knock-off stores in the dark alleys of NYC. Or it's like the shirts that get pre-made for the SuperBowl teams who make it to the game, but the loser's shirts get shipped off to Zimbabwe. They're definitely not something I'd rock on the daily.

He must be doing something right, because everything is mostly sold out. I'm guessing those stimulus checks a few months back should have just gone straight to Travis' house. Lucky bastard.

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