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Jay-Z Enters The Gaming World

Rapper Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports wants to provide more opportunities for their roster of clients.

Photo by: Elliott Bretland

As if he's not successful enough, Jay-Z has now jumped into the deep end of the gaming world pool – leave some for the rest of us HOV! If you haven't heard by now, Roc Nation Sports has partnered with GameSquare to launch a multi-year eSports partnership that, according to their official press release, will "create authentic bespoke athlete-centric strategies, including esports tournaments, gaming content production, live streaming events, and provide content syndication across the GCN Network which includes 85+ gaming and esports centric websites."

In layman's terms, Roc Nation's roster of athletes will now be put front and center into multiple gaming opportunities to reach that global audience every athlete begs for.

Photo by: Roc Nation Sports

In 2019, Roc Nation before they dove head first into the deep end, dipped their toe ever so slightly by signing Mosaad Al-Dossary. For those of you who may not be familiar with this monster among men, he was the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final Winner and also the eSports Player of the Year.

Photo by: Nicholas Hunt

Besides Mr. Al-Dossary, there has been little to no action for Roc Nation in terms of dabbling in eSports. Until now, that is. Just looking at the impressive roster of names on Roc Nation's client list and you can see why HOV is salivating to get in front of the gaming audience. With players like Saquon Barkley, LaMelo Ball, Romeo Okwara and Skylar Diggins-Smith, the relatively young athletes know that traditional #media can only take you so far; the #metaverse is opening more doors so fast it's hard to keep up. Just look at what Fortnite has been able to accomplish in relatively little time with collaborations with Travis Scott and the recent partnership with arguably the most popular contemporary pop artist on the planet, KAWS.

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Photo by: NBA

What Does This Mean for the Future of Roc Nation Sports?

In one word, expansion. In two words, more money. No one has truly been able to navigate the #eSports world with ease, although the fog is starting to clear. More brands, athletes and cultural titans are seeing eSports as the next boom, similar to how people just started to adopt social media as a whole.

Remember when you first started to use Facebook in the early 2000's or Instagram in the late 2000's? This is what we're looking at with Roc Nation and the gaming world. It's fascinating to think who the next wave of stars will be as well as what type of events these two organizations can cook up with Mr. Z at the helm.

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