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Gaming x Hip Hop In Vegas

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Gaming brand XSET partners with hip hop club Drai's for a VIP experience in Las Vegas.

Photo by: XSET and Drai's

Las Vegas. Sin City. You've heard of the typical things about this place. Glitzy lights, gaudy casinos, partying non-stop. For the uninitiated, it can be seriously overwhelming. To the extremely initiated, it can seem a bit monotonous. Any big time whale, from hip hop mogul to crypto holder, can get bored even after throwing down $10,000 per hand at the blackjack tables.

Well, for the ones who just turned 21 to the ones who want to experience something new, look no further than the recent collaboration between the world's biggest hip hop club Drai's and the world's fastest growing, and most diverse eSports gaming and lifestyle brand, XSET.

Photo by: XSET and Drai's

Photo by: XSET and Drai's

This new VIP experience is tailor-made for the #millennial and Gen Z audience. Those who grew up on #gaming, internet and 2000-2010 hip hop should find this as the nexus of their different hobbies converging at one place. Besides a rank basement or college dorm room, where else can you drink, play games and listen to hip hop all in one place? Throw on top the opportunity to see James Harden in the back corner popping Dom Perignon like it was water, and you've got the bonafide hot spot for Gen Zers.

What's Inside? You'll be pleased to know that beginning in the fall of 2021, #XSET will produce gaming cabanas equipped with branded consoles inside the club, as well as #VIP sections and a private gaming lounge for performers. There will be tournaments held at the club as well and limited-edition merchandise will be available for purchase at the location.

Photo by: XSET and Drai's

The First Club "Residency" For A Gaming Team

According to XSET's PR Release:

"The sprawling 30,000 sq. ft. beach club will feature XSET-themed gaming cabanas, complete with custom XSET gaming consoles and design. VIP guests at the nightclub will also have the ability to enjoy gaming in Drai's lush VIP sections, while listening to the hottest new music, or with the backdrop of one of Drai's resident performers like XSET's own Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd live on stage."

Drai’s hosts a shit ton of musical talents on its stage at the nightclub and XSET is no stranger to musical talents. Being one of the most diverse gaming organizations has led to them regularly partnering with non-gaming-related organizations and individuals, such as Arizona Cardinals rookie cornerback Marco Wilson and Latin artist Ozuna.

We think this is cool for two reasons. 1) we want to see a cooler version of a gaming tournament besides the boring nerd fest we always are shown on TV or online; and 2) we like how this opens doors to innovative music and how it interacts with gaming. A live concert by Gucci Mane to a 'Rocket League' game would be something to see.

Photo by: XSET

We'll see if this new partnership turns the night club experience on its head and blows the doors wide open for eSports or Gaming to invade a new vertical. But so far, from the looks of it, if we had $100k to throw down on something different, hell, we'd do this.

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